Rates & Insurance

Self Pay Rates
Adult Individual Therapy (50 minute therapy session)     $125.00 per therapy hour
Couple or Marital Therapy or Pre-Marital Counseling (50 minute therapy session)     $150. 00 per therapy hour
Child or Adolescent Individual Therapy (50 minute therapy session)     $150.00 per therapy hour
Family with Children or Adolescents Therapy (50 minute therapy session)     $150.00 per therapy hour
Family with Adult Children (50 minute therapy session)     $150.00 per therapy hour
Parent Sessions (50 minute therapy session)     $150.00 per therapy hour
School or Child Care Consultation (60 minute hour)     $150.00 per hour

Initial Intake Session - $175.00 for Everyone (This involves the 45-50 minute session with the client and then the initial clinical assessment and chart organization and set up in computer system, etc.done by the therapist after the session)

I no longer take in-network insurance. I can provide you with the information to file your own out of network insurance if you have this kind of coverage and the services I am providing are covered with your policy.  Relationship issues and normal problems are normally not covered by insurance companies. These are not considered a medical necessity and do not have the diagnoses code that can be used for insurance. But it is always best to check with your insurance in regard to your specific policy. 

Why Not Using Insurance Can Be Beneficial
Not using insurance can give you FULL confidentiality by this not being ran through the insurance and billing system. When insurance is used a mental health diagnose code is required to utilize the insurance. Some individuals do not want to have a mental health DX in their records.
In addition, when not using an in-network insurance you are free to choose any provider that you feel is the best fit for you or your family. You have total control over who you choose and how many times you see them.

Why Children and Adolescent Services Fees are Higher
Due to the specialized training and experience needed to do quality, developmentally appropriate treatment these services have a somewhat higher fee. In my case, I am a Registered Play Therapist and Supervisor and also, a Certified Child & Parenting Specialist. In working with children and adolescents there is much collaboration and work with their parents as well. 

Reduced Fees
Reduced fee services are available on a limited basis. I am happy to visit with you about this if you would like.  I am also happy to refer to other services for those who need more major sliding fees.

All clients are asked to place a credit card on file in my Square System for payment for services. 

Cancellation Policy
If you do not show up for your scheduled therapy appointment, and you have not notified me at least 24 hours in advance, you will be required to pay the full cost of the session. Emergencies or illness are excluded in this 24 hour notice policy.

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